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Thursday 26 November 2015


this week went by fast. did a lot of things, such as redesigning my homepage. it's also been a quiet week. nothing big has happened. we got a new oven, though. it's pretty nice. this entry is short.

i aim to update the blog at least every week, but some weeks won't have as much content as others. i guess you could check out the newest xkcd instead, huh?


ps. check out the darkened version of my homepage. also, there's an easter egg to be found. just snoop around a bit.

Saturday 21 November 2015


i finally got it working. a friend reminded me that i can use buttflare instead of gandi's default dns. pretty dumb on my part to not do that earlier, since i use buttflare for all other domains i own. oh well. it works now.

woke up pretty late today. didn't help that i went to bed late yesterday. thank the calendar it's saturday. had some nice soup for breakfast, served with some danish smørrebrød. tasted excellent. i can hear supper being prepared downstairs. we have some tasty small pies for dessert. don't know what's for supper, though. guess i'll find out soon.

i wonder if i'm going to be reading back on these in however many years, cringing at the style of this blog and the non-capitalization of these entries. probably. that is, if this blog has survived for so long. i started this on a whim, you know. gandi had an option to set up a blog so i decided to do it. one of the premade styles fits this blog perfectly. you can probably see why.

i should write more. it's fun and quick. maybe i should write a novel or some short story. never made one in english. plenty in finnish, though. i love the sound of my keyboard when i write. others don't. apparently it's too loud. you get used to it.

it snowed today. well, a little bit. can't see any snow outside anymore. it all turned to water almost instantly. but it's one sign that winter is coming.

that's about it for this entry. i'll write one when i stop forgetting to do so again.

also, no signature this time. after getting the site working i realized the writer's name is shown anyways. have a nice weekend.

Thursday 19 November 2015


so, this is the first entry here. it's probably not going to become a part of my routine to write here, but who knows. lots of people say that. today was a good day. a thursday spent helping out at a local elementary school, watching the newest episode of south park and then relaxing at home. the pupils at the school are very nice to me. they wish i could stay longer than the 2 weeks i am allowed to. such is life. now i'm going to hop on GTAV and play with my friends. it's getting pretty late. bed soon.

trying to sort out dns issues. isn't that fun? gandi doesn't want to co-operate, it seems. if you're reading this i worked it out. or created a quick hacky solution that will not work tomorrow.

studying for exams. yay. i should probably do something actually productive. meh, that can wait for later. school is, after all, kind of important when getting a job.

do you like the style? i was too lazy to set one up myself. expect to hear from me soon... or don't. who knows.